Saturday, I took the Drupal safety training offered by CWA local 1180. This training was on Ergonomics. What is Ergonomics, you might say? Well, Ergonomics is define as: "The art and science of reducing physical and psychological problems that might arise from the interaction between people, equipment, and the environment." I must say, this training was a God sent. You see, my left shoulder has been bothering for the last six months. Sometimes the pain is so intense that I have to stop working on my computer. I suspected the position of the keyboard and the mouse om my desk at work were contributing to my misery, but I had no way of proving that. At Saturday's training the instructor showed exactly how terrible my posture is when I sit at my desk in front of the computer. Armed with the knowledge that I have acquired at the training, I can approach management to ask them the redress my situation. And tell them exactly what type of equipment that the should buy in order to my make my workstation Ergonomics.